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Online Casino Bonuses: Bonus Hunting Guidelines
A bonus is free money allocated to a gambler as an incentive to play at a certain casino over the competitors. Understanding some of the rules regarding bonuses will assist you in deciding on which bonus is most appropriate for you.

Rules of Bonus Hunting

  1. All bonus rules and stipulations must be met, period. Ensure you read and fully understand all of the terms and conditions regarding your bonus. If you do not meet the bonus rules, it is likely that the casino will not pay you. Finding acceptable bonus terms is part of the art of Bonus Hunting.

  2. The casino has the right to lock you out. Most people do not understand this. If a casino does not want your business, that is their right as long as they pay your winnings. If you get locked out at one online casino just move on to the next.

  3. Chargebacks against the casino are NOT acceptable. If you cannot afford to lose, then do not gamble. Players who dispute charges on their credit cards hurt the bonuses and the industry.

  4. Only play at established online casinos. This is very important. We get emails all the time asking for help collecting funds from unethical or unstable casinos. Save yourself the trouble and just play at the online casinos that we recommend.

  5. Do not deposit and then immediately withdraw your deposit when you get your bonus. You have to keep your money in the account until you meet all wagering requirement. If you withdraw before then, the casino will keep your winnings. Do not bother to even try it. Online casinos audit all cash-ins.

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